Our story

Creating a dedicated space for taking care of your mind.

I’ll be the first to admit that creating the time and space to meditate is easier said than done. Work, family, fitness and friends push mental health to the bottom of the ‘to do list’ and sometimes it takes a really crappy situation to make you realise that there’s a reason why people have been doing this for thousands of years.   

For me, this came in the form of a loss in our family and the unrelenting chaos of working in fashion and advertising. Even then, daily could slip into monthly before the wheels fell off and I remembered why it was so damn important in the first place. I wanted a dedicated space to meditate that respected my values, complimented my style and reminded me to stick with it. One world pandemic later, Woosah was born. 

Easy on the eye and supportive on the spine and knees, Woosah cushions are made right here from 100% pure New Zealand wool which means they’re au naturel, breathable, biodegradable in a matter of years and from a renewable source. Namaste sheep. Alongside simple to follow tips, Woosah hopes to help humans from all walks of life make meditation a daily habit - without any negative impact on Mother Nature.

Lovingly grown in the Wairarapa and Matamata, scoured in Napier, spun in Petone, woven in Auckland and wrapped in sustainable packaging before being delivered to your door, every fibre of your Woosah cushion’s life has been carefully considered. And whenever we order our tissue paper and gum packing tape, a tree is planted in your honour. Talk about warm fuzzies.

So take a seat and create a dedicated space for looking after your mind. Today’s good.

- Bidi