How to meditate

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It sounds like you might be interested in this mind-blowing tool which can ease stress, increase calmness & promote happiness?

Meditation is simple and the benefits can be felt quickly. If you're new to the world of mindfulness and meditation, and would like some handy tips to get you started, read on...

Woosah meditation guide for beginners

- Find a place for your daily practice that feels calm and quiet.

1 — Set yourself a time limit. Start with five minutes and work towards a minimum of twenty minutes each day.

2 — Take a seat in a comfortable position and close your eyes. You can meditate anywhere, in any position. If you are using one of our Woosah Wool Meditation Cushions, you can either sit crossed legged or kneel. It's up to you - whatever feels most comfortable!

3 — Focus your full attention on your breath. Notice the sensation of the air entering your nose, filling your lungs and flowing out again.

4 — Body scan. Relax your body, starting with your focus at the top of your head, working your way down to the tips of your toes.

5 — Bring awareness to what you can hear. What is the most far away sound that you can identify?

6 — Take a moment to locate where you are feeling tension or sensation in the body. Bring your full attention to this area, send it kindness, softness, love.

7 — Persistent random thoughts are normal. Acknowledge when your mind has drifted and always bring the focus back to your breath.

If you would like a guided meditation, there are tonnes of great apps you can download. Search 'meditation' in the App Store or on Google Play.

Everything you need is already within you.
Take a seat. Settle your mind.